Our Team of Best Financial Advisors In New York | Eric Siegeltuch

Eric Siegeltuch

Eric Siegeltuch has been a financial advisor since 1992, at MetLife Financial Services and now with Cetera Financial Specialists. He has worked diligently to maintain the relationships he formed with his clients from day one when he first entered the business. He has worked on behalf of a coherent group of clients, most of whom have also become close friends. A bond of trust has been built, upon which he places enormous value.

He has also been able to call upon the collaboration and expertise of an extremely talented team at Cetera, the second largest independent broker/dealer in the country. (www.Cetera.com). As such, we as a team are able to provide our clients with the best financial advice on as wide a range of topics as any client will be likely to need. This includes not only asset management and portfolio monitoring, but insurance needs, retirement and estate planning, and small business planning. Our emphasis has always been on creative problem solving.

As an added dimension, Eric Siegeltuch has been involved in the contemporary art world in various capacities since 1969, culminating in the ownership of his own gallery in New York. Therefore, he is in a unique position to understand the very specialized needs of not only art galleries, but also the artists they represent, as well as the collectors with whom they work. He still maintains the relationships and contacts he has amassed over a 50 year career, adding this asset to his understanding of the various constituencies in the art community. In this regard, he has created a series of estate planning and collection management seminars tailored to meet these needs.