Full Service Financial Planning for Art World Professional | Eric Siegeltuch

Reflecting my 50 year background in the art world, I have focused considerable attention on the needs and potential benefits of proper planning for many of the constituencies of this community.

A number of my clients are artists, gallerists, curators and collectors. My intimate knowledge of these clients' needs, acquired over this period, along with the financial and legal expertise I and my team can bring to the table, have been of enormous help in providing advice and solutions to many of the issues specific to this community.

These issues include business succession planning for galleries, inventory management, estate and legacy planning for artists and also for dealers, where the bulk of their assets may be illiquid, to the day to day investment and insurance decisions which can help assure that the plans they so dearly wish to implement can actually happen. We term this optimized wealth transfer. 

As important as this advice can be, perhaps the most significant benefit we can offer is the ability to motivate our clients to start thinking about these issues, and, ultimately, to take action to implement plans and solutions to reach their stated goals. We focus on the 'what ifs', thereby helping our clients envision their ideal and realizable scenarios for when they are no longer in direct control of their affairs and assets.

If you count yourself as one of these people, and feel that we can be of service to you, by all means call us for a one on one confidential consultation. We are happy and able to help.


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Estate and Legacy  Planning for Artists", March 13, 2023, video courtesy of Artists Talk on Art