Because your family’s financial confidence is the most important service we offer, we are firm believers in insurance as an extremely valuable asset with an important place in most people’s portfolios. We work with our clients towards protecting not only the totality of their assets but more importantly, their family’s ability to complete their plans, should unfortunate events intervene in their lives and in their planning process.

Life Insurance with LTC Riders

Key Person Insurance

Why Life Insurance Matters (Updated August 2016)

Making Decisions About Life Insurance

Planning for Long Term Care

As we age, the odds of incurring an injury or major illness that will prevent us from performing simple daily functions increase substantially. Today, one in three people over the age of 65 will require assisted care of some sort. Past age 75 the odds increase to where one in two will need nursing care.

What To Do When You Win the Lottery

If you’re human you couldn’t possibly have avoided thoughts of what you might do if you had won the recent Mega Millions lottery of over $640 million.

Your Wealth is Exposed without Personal Liability Coverage

You’re entertaining some friends at your house and everyone is having a marvelous time. Suddenly you hear a crash in the kitchen and you race to investigate. You find one of your friends laying flat on her back, unconscious.

Are Emotions Controlling Your Personal Finances?

If any good came out of the financial crisis and the Great Recession, it is that it made many of us become more financially literate and more aware of the need to pay attention to our finances. We now think before making purchases and we are better at prioritizing our expenditures.

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